Reflections, 2014

By Jay Hansen

Part 1, Politics

In my closing piece for 2013, I ended with the following statement.

I guess, in giving this year a moniker, 2013 was just the year of fail. The President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the media, both parties… no one came out looking really good this year. 2013 was a war just to prevent the nation from falling apart. It was a war to just maintain our already sad condition for a little while longer and not to fall further.

I find this oddly metaphorical and sadly appropriate for politics in America though, given how much we obsess over election years, which 2014 will be. It’s like everyone was just holding their breath and waiting for 2013 to pass. So, I guess all there is left to say is here’s looking forward, and hope that 2014 can be just a little more productive than 2013, even though that’s setting the bar pretty low.

Well, in 2014, the nation “fell apart,” which is why I hereby dub 2014 the year progressives gave up on the system, from their refusal to participate in the election to the seemingly endless string of police brutality stories with unjust endings. Republicans regained control of the Senate by a huge margin, and bolstered their numbers in the House considerably, and primarily because the Democrats were too scared to run progressive candidates. Progressive ideals won around the country, including red states like Arkansas and Alaska, from ballot initiatives raising the minimum wage to legalizing pot, disproving or at least greatly working against the argument that Democrats have to run conservative candidates in conservative states. Similarly, we’re half-way through Obama’s second term, and since getting re-elected, what has he accomplished? There have been no legislative victories for sure, and only more defeats from the judicial branch. The only “victory” progressives had was when the Supreme Court didn’t act, which forced dozens of states to legalize same-sex marriage at long last, including Oklahoma. As for the executive, the Obama Administration has taken small steps to ease the rabidly out of control war on drugs, he’s currently trying to do what little the executive can to reform immigration with great opposition from Republicans, and he’s reached a non-binding agreement with China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, though Republicans have already taken legislative action to undo the agreement. That’s pretty much it. Everything he’s promised, from meaningful immigration reform to raising the minimum wage, has seen virtually no progress this year, or since he won re-election. The only major things he’s done are cut taxes and deregulate, the two core tenants of the Republican Party and conservative ideology.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand that the most immediate reason Obama hasn’t accomplished anything is because of Republican obstructionism. But why do the Republicans have so much power to begin with? They were a minority at the federal level for a long time, and yet they were able to block or greatly water down virtually everything during Obama’s presidency until they managed to “run out the clock” and regain control of both houses of Congress. In 2010, Democrats badly bumbled the election, and in 2014 we saw the exact same thing. Ask yourself this; what were the Democrats running on in 2014? Did they even have a single, unifying message? It’s almost hard to believe that anyone could be as bad at politics as the Democrats were in 2014, especially when you consider a lot of the mistakes they made in 2014 were the exact same ones they made in 2010. It’s so hard to believe that some can’t help but wonder if Obama and the Democrats wanted to lose.

That sounds absurd, but if you look at Obama’s legislative history it’s not that farfetched. Republicans haven’t even taken over the Senate yet, but Obama and the Democrats have already agreed to an extremely Republican budget that undoes some of Obama’s chief accomplishments, including his agreement with China, Dodd-Frank financial reform, and a small part of the Affordable Care Act… let the chipping away begin. It’s no wonder progressive voters didn’t even bother to vote in 2014, the year America set a new record for low voter turnout across America. Why should progressives vote for anything or anyone if they’re not actually progressives? At this point, Obama has indisputably proven that he not only isn’t a progressive, but that he’s actually very conservative, and now, in effect, is a Republican President.

Then there’s fact that the entire justice system has fallen apart. We thought the Trayvon Martin case was bad in 2013? At least there was a fucking trial for Trayvon Martin. 2014 brought us Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, and countless other faceless victims of our broken justice system. All of them were unarmed black men killed by the police and the police responsible faced no consequences for their actions. John Crawford was holding a toy shotgun in the toy aisle of Wal-Mart when cops arrived on the scene and immediately shot him without warning. Tamir Rice was a twelve year old boy with a toy gun that was shot literally within two seconds of police arriving on the scene; there was no “freeze” or “drop it,” cops just arrived and shot, like a drive-by shooting. Eric Garner was killed by cops when he was put in an illegal choke hold by the police, which was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner. Garner was not resisting or being violent at all. He had been charged with “selling untaxed cigarettes,” but that’s not reason enough to execute someone, much less without a trial. Worse, many people have the audacity to say something along the lines that technically, Garner died of a heart attack and not the choke hold. That’s like saying Trayvon Martin didn’t die from being shot, he died from internal bleeding. Internal bleeding caused by being shot; a heart attack triggered by being put in a choke hold. Saying Garner died because he had a heart condition is no more accurate than saying he died because he was obese, which is another claim some are making, including Republican lawmakers. But even considering these arguments, the cops that killed Garner did not call for an ambulance for several minutes, and when they arrived they waited several more minutes before trying to help him. Still, no indictment, let alone trial, meaning there apparently wasn’t even the appearance of wrongdoing in any of these situations, according to the American justice system. But you know who was indicted? The guy who filmed the cops killing Garner. The cops themselves aren’t really making it any better though with their increasingly juvenile and “proving-our-point” responses, from staging political protests at the funerals (maybe the Westboro Baptist Church will join them next time), to suing the city for which they work when put on administrative leave for a whole three days after firing 137 shots at two unarmed people, calling their punishment an “onerous burden.” I’ll spare you commentary on the entire Brown case and just say this; either the prosecutor Bob McCulloch threw the case because he’s in league with the police or he is the worst prosecutor in the entire country, which earned McCulloch The Young Turk’s “Jerk of the Year” Award, despite significant competition for the title.

There is an anger building in this country the likes of which it hasn’t seen in generations, and the people in Washington are still completely oblivious to it.

And did I mention TIME magazine tried to “ban” the word feminist this year? Even if you’re not a progressive, you’ve got to acknowledge that the deck seemed really stacked against us this year.

But if you regularly read my site you knew all of that already, I’m sure. That’s why I’ve dubbed 2014 the year progressives just gave the fuck up. They gave up on Obama, on the Democratic Party, on the entire democratic process, on the justice system, on everything. For better or worse, they’re just done. We’re just done.

Part 2, Personal and Social

That said, I also have to use my reflections article as an opportunity to talk about 2014 more personally than I normally do to bring the year to a close, because 2014 was quite possibly the hardest year of my life yet. It all started all the way back on January first, right after the clock struck midnight to usher in 2014. For the first time in my life the local news stations didn’t interrupt programming to go to the downtown celebration to ring in the new year for the Central Time Zone. Not a single news station did, and it’s always been a small moment of personal joy for me. Immediately I took to Facebook and said “I really hope this isn’t a bad omen.” But tragically, I had no idea how accurate that statement was.

Literally right at the start of the year I caught the flu and strep throat at the same time, neither of which I’ve ever had in my adult life. I’ve never had to take a sick day before, but the year opened with me taking three of them. A couple of months later my last living grandparent died. I barely knew her, but at her funeral learned that I had more in common with her than I’d ever imagined. Just a couple of weeks later my mother died totally unexpectedly and with little warning. Work has been extremely difficult as we struggle to find good help; I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to take my vacation which I had filed to have off a whole year in advance. To this day there are still troubles ensuring the work gets done right. My job woes pale in comparison to those of my wife, however, as her employers and higher-ups have demonstrated again and again how little they value her or appreciate the fact that she is the glue holding the entire department together. Just a couple of months after my mother died, we had the shit scared out of us when my wife had a cancer scare and had to have a total hysterectomy to check if a growth in her uterus was cancerous or not. It was benign, thankfully, but she still had nearly two months of recovery from such a major surgery. It ate up all of my remaining sick leave too since I stayed with her to help care for her. Ever since returning to work, counting her commute time, she’s been working twelve to thirteen hour days (and she was working ten to eleven hour days before the surgery). Worse, it was during her recovery from surgery her employer decided to start paying her subordinate more than her, which is still an unresolved issue. She’s been seeking a raise ever since she found out, but there’s been little progress thus far. In addition, despite working as a supervisor for years now, the state still refuses to recognize her as one, adding more insult to injury.

Heidi’s surgery led to more monthly medical bills, which I’ve severely railed against this year. We also had little choice but to get a new car, as Heidi’s new job location (did I mention the state re-located her much farther away and gave her more responsibilities?) was devastating our bank accounts with the cost of gas for her truck, forcing us to take on another debt. She’s had to take on so many debts, most of which are medical (which will never be paid off in her lifetime), that her credit union is now less willing to work with her at maintaining the mortgagee on her house, which her son has been paying through her. Her son also went through a divorce that diverted a lot of our time and support, both financial and emotional, after his wife cheated on him. So, we’re left with little choice but to sell her house. We have one month to fix everything wrong with the house, get it on the market, find a buyer, and complete the sale before we get slammed with more financial penalties.

On top of all that, I just found out a month ago that the magazine I write for, Large in Charge Magazine, is being discontinued at the end of this year, so I lost my position as a columnist. I’ve been contacting more local papers and publications now that I have actual experience and asking if they’re looking for a relationship columnist or some other topic in which I have experience (size acceptance, gender identity, etc), but so far have only gotten rejections (if you may be able to help me here, please do). Speaking of size acceptance, our size acceptance group Oklahoma BBW has experienced a growth spurt of biblical proportions, and the staff is struggling to keep up. There are so many people attending our events now that we have to find an all new venue, but sadly with the experience my wife has searching for them in the metro area the only places that may be able to accommodate us now are likely far beyond our price range, if such places even exist. So for now, the fate of Oklahoma BBW is very much in the air, and with everything else swirling around in our life it unfortunately must take a lower priority position in our lives.

So in case you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been all year, now you know.

Basically, as a friend wrote on Facebook;

Right. 2014, you can fuck off. You’ve been shit, and outstayed your welcome to an abominable extent. No, I’m not doing anything to celebrate you leaving. I’m going to sit on my arse on my comfy corner of the couch and open a bottle of Penfolds. End of. Now shush.

It’s really not helping matters that 2015 marks ten years since I graduated High School. I’ve changed a lot of course, and for the better, but losing my columnist position, among the other difficulties I’ve had recently, at this particular time only amplified the feeling of loss. That said, the biggest way I’ve changed is the one area in which I’ve made significant progress in 2014 – openly exploring my gender identity. A lot of people never really think about how much one’s personal development can be hindered when they for whatever reason have to stay in the closet, especially for teenagers and young adults. Often, children of alternative sexual orientations and gender identities don’t have the freedom necessary to really figure out who they are. The process of self-discovery starts as early as ten or twelve for most kids, and really takes off during the teenage years, but this same process doesn’t get to start until eighteen, twenty four, or even later for those trapped in the closet while living at home. For me, it’s been three and a half years since I moved out of my parents house, and so I’ve only had so long for real self-discovery.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about the first time someone asked me if I prefer to be referred to by male or female pronouns. I was pleasantly surprised at their thoughtfulness, and after a moment of thought I told them I prefer the feminine “her” and “she,” among others. Within a week I was asked two more times, and have been asked several more times since then. Each time I’ve responded with the same answer, that I prefer the feminine, and I’m fairly certain that will always be my answer henceforth to anyone with the mind to ask. I’m definitely preferring it, because for the first time in my life I feel like in using the feminine people are starting to both understand and respect the real me, the one that’s been hiding behind a facade of varying thicknesses for her entire life. I’m certainly not one to get mad at another who uses the masculine, either out of habit or based on what little surface-level assumptions they can make about me (hell, even I’m still guilty of it out of habit from time to time), but as of late I have felt a little more bite to masculine pronouns and titles like him, he, sir, mister, or many others. The water drops are starting to get to me.

In an ideal world, I would just go to the big “user settings” tab in the sky and switch my pronouns around however I wish, but I know for many reasons it’s not so simple or black and white in real life, from some people’s deeply-rooted psychological awkwardness around using feminine terminology to describe me to a simple matter of not knowing or remembering. Still, I’d appreciate being referred to by female pronouns and titles by all those who feel comfortable doing so from hereon out. Even if this is the only victory I get out of 2014, I guess it makes the whole year worth it.

The tragic thing is, I wrote this entire article (save for this paragraph) days before the suicide death of Leelah Alcorn, one of countless trans suicides in 2014. A tragic end to a year with far too much tragedy. Using proper pronouns and titles is something so tiny and so simple that can make all the difference in the world. No longer being afraid to ask this of others is the least I could do for all those like Leelah and the thousands that went before her who no longer can.

If there’s any lesson I learned this year it’s that life is too short to keep putting up with cultural bullshit like all the taboos that still lingers around everything to do with transgenderism. At the very least I’m resolving to stop dumping it all over myself to appease the outdated social standards of strangers, even if not doing so discomforts them. As Ray Bradbury wrote, “we need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real?” Or, as my mother so eloquently put it many times, it is my job to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable. I’d say I hope 2015 will be a better year than 2014, but that’s setting the bar pretty damn low. Finding a new outlet for my writing alone would make my year.

All things considered – developments in my personal life as well as everything political happening in the world – I’ll just conclude with this; have a disturbing 2015, everyone.


By Jay Hansen

So, The Young Turks decided to have a sigil contest for their participating TYT meet up cities. As bannerman to Oklahoma City, it was my obligation to make sure we got one, even if I had to make it myself. Now, I’m no graphic artist, and honestly don’t have diddly squat in the way of graphic programs, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. So, using exclusively high-quality images I found online, and my own pixel-by-pixel handy work, I managed to create this. I may do a little more touch-up work on the sigil before the deadline this Saturday, but I wanted to get something uploaded just in case I don’t get around to it.

Be kind.


… For a novice.

The sigil had to be something simple; something you could possibly doodle on a napkin at a restaurant. That’s how I started out thinking about it. What I meant by that was it couldn’t be some massive work of art with army hordes or spaceships or sharks with freaking laser beams on their heads (though for a short time I did consider the use of Epicus Maximus). It had to be symbolic, so that’s what I went for.

The first thing most of my page viewers will probably notice is the use of the Oklahoma state flag. I wanted something that was uniquely Oklahoman, and honestly that was the only thing I could think of aside from global warming deniers and wind (which, if you didn’t know, is really hard to draw). I took out a lot of the widgets and woggles on our flag – I never really realized how many it had – to make it a little more simple and unique. I took off the word “Oklahoma,” the feathers, and the crosses. I even considered removing the Native American war shield, but ultimately felt it was a nice backdrop, especially when considering how long it would have taken to remove. I also thought about changing the background to black, but that would have made the lettering very difficult. Plus, the blue background was noticeably Oklahoman, and went on to provide further symbolic meaning.

I also kept the olive branch and peace pipe, also referred to as a calumet, as they are symbols of peace from the western, European world and Native American world, respectively. For those of you unfamiliar with Oklahoma history, that was what Oklahoma becoming a state symbolized for many people; the merging of European and Native cultures. That’s why both symbols ultimately ended up on the flag. Though I must admit, it’s an extremely ironic sentiment, given that not long after the cultures “merged” the European majority outlawed marijuana and with it, effectively, the Native American symbol of peace… and really, isn’t that representational of all European American and Native American history?

Bet you didn’t know Oklahoma’s flag basically had an ancient bong on it. Yes, we were so proud of that heritage that we put it on our flag and will imprison the hell out of you for using it.


Anyway, that’s where I started getting creative. Placed over the branch and pipe is a strong, blue shield emblazoned with the TYT logo. The blue shield represents progressivism, human reason, and the other ideals of the TYT army. The shield specifically is protecting the peace symbolized by the branch and pipe by way of reason and progressivism; it’s along these same lines I didn’t include a weapon. We’re not looking to start fights, merely protect what’s right and good in our homes and communities – as a wise warrior should – from the endless assault of ignorance, corruption, and extreme right-wing ideology, from which we’re always under attack (symbolically speaking, of course) here in Oklahoma, one of the reddest states in America.

Which brings me to the next symbols; the arrows and fire. The red arrows are being fired into the blue shield, representing the constant attacks progressives must endure daily from Republicans in this part of the country. Also notice the side of the shield in which the arrows are lodged; from the shield’s perspective, it is being attacked from the right. The fire, which is dominantly reddish in nature, represents how much of the state right-wing extremism has consumed, and even destroyed. It’s completely surrounding the shield of progressivism and the peace it’s so desperately trying to protect, all while being directly assaulted by the same place that started the fires; the political right and the Republican Party. That only left the final part of the sigil; the text.

TYT in OKC, the name of our group, and the old Young Turk axiom, hold until relieved.

Now do you see what I mean? Boss. If “hold until relieved” applies to anyone, it’s to us TYT fans in heavily Republican cities and states. Oklahoma City fits that bill perfectly, and yet we’re still hanging in the top 10 on the leader board with cities like Detroit, Seattle, and Portland.

Don’t forget that Oklahoma is the home of both Elizabeth Warren and Chelsea Manning. We don’t produce a lot of progressives, but those that we do only go on to become the greatest progressive heroes in the country, just like our TYT group. We aren’t many, but we’re mighty.

Oklahoma may not be number one in education, intelligence, health, well being, happiness, progressives policies, human reasoning skills, or TYT fans, but until the day we are, hold until relieved.

(Now I just hope I didn’t mess up the technical specifications!)

Help Bring TYT to OKC!

By Jay Hansen

We interrupt your regularly scheduled political article with some awesome news! Many of you know that I’m The Young Turk’s bannerman for the Oklahoma City area, and have been since last November. Well, early this year, The Young Turks launched the point system to foster a friendly competition among the different TYT meet up groups across the world. The group with the most points by their next anniversary – February 14th, 2015 – will get a special visit from Cenk and Ana at one of their meet ups! When I first heard that, I loved the idea, but honestly didn’t think Oklahoma City stood a chance. I mean, we, Oklahoma City, are competing against Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, Seattle, and many, many more, to see who’s city has the most number and most enthusiastic fans of a very progressive, very secular online talk show. I thought on attendance alone we were going to get clobbered for sure, because you get points per attendee to your meet ups, and my wife and I are so busy with our own group Oklahoma BBW, BHM, and Admirers that we can’t afford the time to host meet ups very often. So surely, we’re near the bottom of the list, right?

Waaaait a minute!



As of last night Oklahoma City is leading with the most points, 1,190! Sure, it’s super early on, and I’m positive we’re going to slide out of the lead at some point in the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rise back to it! At the onset of this project the most I was hoping for was just to show people (“people” mostly meaning Ana Kasparian) that Oklahoma City isn’t some barren wasteland of a ignorant Republican masses layered with a thick frosting of FOX “News” and a few sprinkles of mega wealthy businessmen. In a small way, we’ve already achieved that just by making it to the top of the leader board even if just for a short time. Just by hanging in there with the “big guys” like Chicago and Seattle we can prove our worth, but now I can’t help but wonder if we actually have a tiny hope of possibly winning this thing.

Is that blue I see?

Obviously our group’s biggest weaknesses at the moment are that we only have meet ups once every other month, and our attendance is still quite low. Meet ups are worth 100 points, and are the primary backbone of the point system. Also like I said, you get points per attendee (10 points per person). For a full list of point values, go to by clicking the link. Hopefully, we can soon rectify our low attendance, because I’ve begun reaching out to other group owners such as those of Oklahoma Atheists and the UCO Skeptics Society (I genuinely had to pause there and think is there an apostrophe in ‘skeptics?’). We also have some awesome group members that are trying to bring in their politically like-minded friends, which is always welcome! Attendance will only be as good as our recruitment is guys, so please feel free to invite anyone and everyone you can! Reach out to any organizations you think would be interested in The Young Turks!

I could go on and on about how happy I am about our… appearance on the leader board, let alone being at the top, and my general plans of how to fix our current weaknesses, but if wishes and buts were candy and nuts… something something we’re wasting time. SO, if you’d like to help out our meet up group and help bring TYT to OKC, here’s some super simple things you can do – some of it you can do right now at your computer in the time it takes to read this article or less!

How you can help bring TYT to OKC!

  1. Do you have a website or blog? If so, do you have a Young Turk banner on it yet? A member of our group putting a banner on their website for the TYT Network is worth 100 points! That’s as much as a whole meet up and you can do it right now in just a few seconds! To my understanding, anywhere on your website will do. I’ve done so for my own website in my links section. Please feel free to use my links page as a model for your own banner! Just don’t forget to tell me that you have – otherwise, it can’t be recorded for points! If you experience any technical problems posting the banner on your site, feel free to ask me for help. I’m no tech genius but if we put our heads together along with my good friend Google it should be doable!
  2. Do you have any friends that would be interested in The Young Turks? They could be progressive or not, religious or secular – The Young Turks has a little bit of something for everyone! Cast your net wide, friends, and invite them to come with you to the next meet up, which is scheduled for Tuesday May 13th at 6:00 PM at Hideaway Pizza on Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. Attending new comers that are being introduced to the show and community are worth extra points on top of the 10 they’re worth for just attending! Ask anyone that would be interested, and be sure to check in with local organizations that may be interested as well. I’ve already listed a couple I’ve started getting in contact with, but surely there’s lots more out there! Attending a college with a Young Democrats club? Working for a Democratic candidate’s campaign? Frequently attend protests over environmental issues? ASK AROUND to see if anyone can come support us! Shamelessly name drop if necessary!
  3. Do you own any TYT swag? Okay, okay, a bit of product placement here, but whatever gets us points. Do you own a TYT shirt or hat? Be sure to wear it to the meet ups! People photographed wearing swag are also worth bonus points on top of the regular worth of uploading event photos. If you haven’t ordered one, you can at Tell them Jay sent you and… well, nothing special happens. Sorry guys, I’m not that powerful yet.
  4. Do you write for, appear in, or could you contribute to any media outlets like newspapers, magazines, TV shows, web shows, or other outlets? If yes, I DEFINITELY need to get in contact with you immediately. There are two huge cash cows for points, and they’re getting The Young Turks mentioned in a newspaper (a huge 500 points) or getting them mentioned on live TV (a whopping 1,000 points! [and no, guest appearances on COPS don’t count]). Recently, I got The Young Turks mentioned in the web magazine I write for, Large in Charge Magazine, and even that was worth an additional 100 points, so if you have this kind of opportunity please help support us! University publications and local or state-wide papers that allow for reader commentary could be a great source of such opportunity, especially if you already hold some sort of position on a candidate’s campaign or in a local political organization.
  5. Should we do meet ups more often? This is one I’m genuinely starting to contemplate a little. My wife and I are super busy with our own group as well as a bazillion other projects we’re working on at any given time, so it would be a huge demand on us. However, I have had a thought that could lead somewhere. If our group gets big enough, I wonder if we would be allowed to “deputize” an active, dependable member as sort of a “Deputy Bannerman,” that could host events on the off-months. Our last one was this month, in March, and our next one is May, so a “Deputy Bannerman” would host an April and June event, just as an example. I don’t even know if we’re allowed to do that right now, but it’s worth mulling over. Is there anyone out there that might be interested in doing this? You would need to have some means of airing the live show (airs from 5-7PM our time) during the meet up and take lots and lots of pictures throughout the meet up to document all the attendees, the new comers, the TYT swag, us watching the live stream, and other responsibilities. Still very much in the contemplation stage at the moment, but please think it over!
  6. Miscellaneous – do you have a special talent or gift that you could use for the powers of good? The Young Turks have the option of a sort of “miscellaneous” category for possible points. Currently, I do a TYT Clip of the Day segment in the TYT Meet Ups Oklahoma City Facebook Group (which if you haven’t joined yet, do now!), and I’ve been reassured that if I can keep it up long enough, and the powers that be can choose how much it’s worth, that I’ll get points for that. When I first went into this contest I thought to myself that, given our lower turnouts, our best hope may be doing all sorts of silly stuff – can you write and perform a song for TYT? Can you make a badass shirt design? Can you make some epic work of art dedicated to the glory of The Young Turks? It may be a long shot, but you never know! The worst case scenario, we’re told no and don’t get any points for it – we’ll still surely get plenty of attention for our group with any truly great feats our group can create! The more attention, the more members, and the more members, the more points! And you never know, if the feat or work of art is great enough, it could get us mentioned in a paper or TV news anyway!
  7. Sign the Wolf-PAC petition to get money out of politics! … Alright, fine, so this one is totally not worth points, but YOU SHOULD DO IT ANYWAY! It takes even less time than posting a banner on your blog or updating Facebook! Click this link to go to the Wolf-PAC website and sign the petition!

That’s it for today, folks! You’ve got your assignments; now go forth and earn points in any way you can! Together, we may actually stand a chance at winning this competition, and even if we don’t we can at least show the rest of the world that Oklahoma City has plenty of progressives, secularists, and people that care about an honest and independent media, and that, in the words of Cenk himself, Oklahoma City is not to be denied!

For the glory of TYT in OKC!

NEXT MEET UP: Tuesday, May 13th at 6:00 PM

MEET UP LOCATION: Hideaway Pizza, 5950 Memorial Road in Oklahoma City, 73142.